Somebunny to Love

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Spring is in the air, flowers are showing their first blossoms, and baby animals are popping up all over the place—including at the mall. This time of year, “pet” shops do big business in Easter bunnies, sending impulsive new rabbit guardians home woefully unprepared to care for these rambunctious, quirky, and high-maintenance animals. Adopting a rabbit is no smaller a commitment than bringing a puppy or kitten into your life. If

Baby boomer stain removal step one identify the stain

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Always, try to remove the primary cause, of the stain, then work on any secondary (sugar) or residual (cream) stain.
The major classes of staining substances are:

  1. Acid, bleach, and dye stains are normally caused by harsh acids, bleaches, dyes, and solvents coming in contact with the carpet fibers.
    Examples include, acne medication, red juice, paint remover.
    These substances destroy the fibers ability to hold dye (color) and lighten or discolor the dye already in

Wagon Cargo Liner

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By Bob PlunkettAnyone who owns a station wagon, sport-utility vehicle or minivan knows that the rear storage compartment can become one of the most soiled spots on our planet.

Why? The answer becomes apparent when you discover what a wonderful hauler a wagon can be.

Once, we loaded a stack of firewood in the back of a big sport-utility wagon — along with so much residual tree bark. Another time, we hauled a

China Leader’s Visit Hailed as Big Success

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Former Chinese Premier Li Peng left Phnom Penh Monday, concluding a three-day visit in which he visited the Royal Palace, the temples of Angkor and the offices of Cambodia’s top leaders.

Prime Minister Hun Sen and National Assembly President Prince Norodom Ranariddh accompanied Li, chairman of the National People’s Congress and the second-ranking member of the Communist Party, down a red carpet to his waiting Air China jet at Pochentong Airport just

Consistently Inconsistent Gossamer Girl

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Pappa, you told me that when I was born, you pledged to always be my friend – rather than parent.

And you kept your word. Forever getting into trouble I was, you were my ally in the face of Mamma’s understandable wrath.

You read me stories, you played with me, you were my friend, you were my confidante.

You were a brave person. Born with cerebral palsy, you never had it easy. You were

Techworthy – Game Controllers

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Logitech Momo Racing Force Feedback Wheel
Unless your surname happens to be Earnhardt, chances are this is as close as you’ll ever get to real NASCAR racing. If your library of PC games consists mostly of racing sims, you won’t want to live without this controller.
From the moment you unpack it, Logitech’s Momo Racing Wheel gives you an inescapable desire to put the pedal to the metal-or at least onto the carpet

Piscean Jack-Of-All-Trades

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And here you have it, ladies and germs, a half-assed attempt at churning out an original story while being exhausted from job hunting and waiting in lines all day for public assistance. Enjoy.

“We had to fight them off, Justin!”

Ailene tried her hardest to keep herself in check as she tried to describe what happened to her boyfriend. She sobbed into his chest, staining his shirt with her tears. Justin slowly caressed

Clean or not to clean hvac duct cleaning why and how

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The process, which is cleaning the ductwork, found in homes, is being marketed, with enthusiasm, throughout, many areas.
This process is enjoying, increasing popularity, as this, marketing, effort is convincing boomers, such an undertaking is worthwhile.
As always, the questions are present.
Is this process, more hype, than it is substance?
What are the benefits, incumbent with duct cleaning?
Is there, a downside, which is resulting, as this, cleaning, process is applied?
What are the correct methods,

An Artful New Look for Fall

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(ARA) – Tired of staring at the same four walls? This fall create a new look for your home or specific room in your house. Creating a new look for the baby boomer home can be as simple and inexpensive as hanging some new artwork.
But who has time to visit store after store looking for the best in home decor? In the age of on-line shopping, you can bring the store

Five Quick and Affordable Tips to Add Style to the Home

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(ARA) – Are you a first-time home buyer decorating on a budget? Do you own an older home and want to decorate without losing the classic feeling of the house? Do you live in an apartment and are not free to make major changes to your decor? Every consumer wants to change the look of his or her living space, but often finds the process difficult, costly and time consuming.
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